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I.O. Shen Sashimi Knife 300mm

I.O. Shen Sashimi Knife 300mm

An extra long specialised fish knife with a bevel on one side and a flat edge on the other.
You can use this primarily for sushi and smoked salmon cutting.
The beauty of this blade is the bevel, which once placed into your food, will not allow you to deviate from the path that you have set it on i.e. if you use a standard chef’s knife when cutting a side of salmon, you need to have a steady hand a precision accuracy. With a sashimi knife, it ensure that you take perfect slices – every time!
Plus – it has a slight concave element to the flat side, making sure that your fish slices do not concertina on the blade.
We stock the right handed version as standard but we are the only manufacturers in the UK who stock and supply a left-handed version!
A truly versatile knife – this can double as a carving knife for those who prefer to have a chunkier handle for their carving.

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